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Federal Government Loans for  Business

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FEDERAL LOW INTEREST LOANS:  A state may raise money through industrial revenue bonds to buy fixed-asset equipment.  The public, which invests in these bonds, do not pay taxes on the earned interest.  When a low interest loan is granted, the states does not guarantee that investors will get their money back if the business fails.

Millions in Mortgage Loans Earmarked For Credit Impaired

Are credit problems holding you back from buying that new home, car or starting a business? Here's great news! Government and private lending institutions are coming to the rescue. They are relaxing credit requirements to make it easier for people with bad credit ratings to get federal loans. 


Billions are now available to purchase homes, cars, start a business, consolidate debts and many other purposes. It's part of a joint government and banking initiative to revitalize the economy by making federal loans more accessible to people previously rejected as bad credit risks. Never before has it been easier to get a guaranteed mortgage to purchase a new or used home. And since interest rates are at a 35 year low, now is the time to start canvassing the housing market for that dream home. 

Now is the time to act if you need money to buy a home, car, consolidate debts, etc. Low interest federal loans are now available, regardless of income or past credit history.

Federal Loans for Business and More

Obtain the latest information on these new programs as well as existing free grants and federal loans resources. It fills you in on all important new developments and provides direct applications for the loan program. It also provides a direct link to inside sources of government and financial institutions offering money for any worthwhile purpose.

Available now you have the opportunity to expand your visions into reality and pursue your business ventures or secure your personal financial situation. Small businesses are the fiber that keeps this country strong. This is why the government and foundations offer start-up capital, expansion capital, rent and other overhead expenses to you.


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