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Federal Grants are being funded by the U.S. Government.  These Federal Government Grants are Funded from Your Tax Dollars.  Start a Business, Go to College, Fix up Your Home.  Learn How to apply for a government federal grants and receive Pell Grants & Scholarships.  There is Free Money available for virtually any use.  Even learn how to apply for Low Interest and No Interest Federal Loans!  Learn where to obtain Federal Grants, College Grants, Small Business Grants, Cash Grants and much much more!


bulletBusiness Development - $4,077,000 other federal grants and assistance.
bulletBonding Assistance Program - $15,000,000 other funding and grants.
bulletBusiness and Industry Loans - $857,000,000 federal grants and loans.
bulletCommercial Service - $198,154,000 other grants and federal assistance.
bulletDisadvantaged Business Enterprises Short Term Lending Program - $8,000,000 federal grants and loans.
bulletEconomic Adjustment Assistance - $40,420,000 federal grants.
bulletIndian Loans Economic Development - $6,497,000 loans.
bulletManagement and Technical Assistance - $3,521,000 federal grants.
bulletMinority Business Development Centers - $6,817,000 fed grants.
bulletMinority Business Opportunity Committee - $1,633,000 federal grants.
bulletMicro loan Demonstration Program - $83,995,000 grants and loans.
bulletWomen's Business Ownership Assistance - $12,000,000 federal grants.
bulletTrade Development - $46,669,000 other funding and assistance.








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