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Government Grants for Women

government grants for women

Discover all new programs to assist you with grants for women from government and private foundations. Could you use some funding to start or expand a business, money that you never have to pay back... Money that you could get in a short period of time?

With over 2,000 Government Women's Grant Programs.  For the rich, poor, young or old. Get free money services, gifts, help and information for your home, your health, your career, your business, your kids and your pocketbook.

There are over 5,000 Government sources of grants for women, loans, venture capital, management, technical assistance and much more.

Grants for Women

Every year over 500,000 women start their own business. Two out of every three new businesses are started by women. And women are more successful than men. Women have a 75% greater change of success in business ownership!

Over $80 Billion in Grants for Women & Private Scholarships for Women Who Want to Go Back to School or Train for a New Job.

I know it sounds incredible, but the money is sitting out there waiting for someone to grab it; billions of dollars waiting to be given away. You will have access to the greatest money-making secret. Sources of women's free money that you will never hear about. It will astound you and amaze you beyond belief and though everything I tell you sounds utterly incredible, it is all absolutely true. 

The U.S. Government has a heart of gold when it comes time to give money away. Believe it or not, they set no limit to the amount of money they give away. All you have to do is meet their simple requirements.

One of their programs requires you to be over 65. Some require you to be blind or handicapped. Many of their programs, incredible as it may seem, require you to have no money, so having bad credit helps you! If you don't have money you are entitled to many grants.

Open your own business now with over 150 sources of women's grants. Learn all about these incredible opportunities provided by your own State or Local Government!

Available Grants for Women

bullet$60,000 to open an amusement center
bullet$43,000 to become a French chef
bullet$25,000 to start a consulting business
bullet$70,000 to study arts Management
bullet$30,000 to start a day care center
bullet$210,000 to work on your invention
bullet$5,000 to work with an artist
bullet$5,000 grant to train your employees
bullet$2,000 to study storytelling
bullet$535,000 to open a motel
bullet$10,000 to read poetry
bullet$60,000 to open a coffee house
bullet$25,000 to go to school in Hawaii
bullet$100,000 to open a country inn
bullet$30,000 to become an animal tagger
bullet$67,000 to start a cleaners business
bullet$60,000 to open a billiard parlor
bullet$8,800 to become a nurse
bullet$130,000 to open a bookstore
bullet$8,000 in free legal advice
bullet$30,000 to make videos
bullet$12,000 to make crafts
bullet$3,000 for a teenager business
bullet$56,000 to open a bike store
bullet$92,000 to start a dry cleaners
bullet$20,000 to sell cosmetics
bullet$55,000 to start a bakery
bullet$25,000 to sell shirts
bullet$12,000 to cut hair
bullet$260,000 to begin an exercise gym
bullet$75,000 to renovate an old house
bulletAnd Much More!!


Government Grants - CD


Government Grants - CD

government grants for women







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